Article 24

The Agency shall assist any official, in particular in proceedings against any person perpetrating threats, insulting or defamatory acts or utterances or any attack to person or property to which he or a member of his family is subjected by reason of his position and duties.

It shall compensate the official for damage suffered in such cases, in so far as the official did not either intentionally or through grave negligence cause the damage and has been unable to obtain compensation from the person who did cause it.

The Agency shall facilitate such further training and instruction for staff as is compatible with the proper functioning of the services and is in accordance with their own interests.

Such training and instruction shall be taken into account for purposes of promotion in their careers.

Article 24a

Officials shall be entitled to exercise the right of association; they may in particular be members of trade unions or staff associations of European officials.

Article 25

Officials may submit requests to the Director General in respect of matters relating to these Staff Regulations.

Any decision relating to a specific individual which is taken under these Staff Regulations shall at once be communicated in writing to the official concerned. Any decision adversely affecting an official shall state the grounds on which it is based.

Specific decisions regarding appointment, establishment, promotion, transfer, determination of administrative status and termination of service of an official shall be published by the Agency. The publication shall be accessible to all staff for an appropriate period of time.